CISA Tıbbi Atık Buhar Sterilizatörü


Büyük hastane veya daha küçük özellikli birimler için merkezi sterilizasyon ünitesi (CSSD), CISA’nın doğal ortamıdır ve faaliyetlerinin temelinde yer almaktadır: teknoloji sağlamak ile birlikte verimlilik, etkinlik ve izlenebilirliğin ne anlama geldiğini bilir.

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Ürünle ilgili ayrıntılı bilgi almak ve sipariş vermek için lütfen iletişime geçiniz.


The storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste has become a global concern for the healthcare industry.

CISA has designed and created an integrated on-site Department to treat Medical Waste directly INSIDE THE HOSPITAL, dramatically reducing costs and providing Hospitals with full control over the process, therefore reducing their liability.

Sterilization in Steam Autoclaves

Waste is directly inserted into the Chamber of the Autoclave and is processed for waste treatment..The Autoclave prints a parametric report of each cycle that is then processed wirelessly through the Tracecare® traceability software that controls the entire process.

Shredding Compact Foolproof Design

The sterile waste is then processed through a rock-solid multi-purpose shredder that will reduce Waste volume by 8 times. Tracecare® traceability software ensures complete monitoring and reporting of the process and the end result.

Trolley Washer Disinfection

The trolley used to bring the Waste to the WSSD is then washed through a washer/ disinfector tunnel. The trolley leaves the WSSD through a clean passage. This is the same technology, process and set-up of the Central Sterilization Services Department that processes surgical instruments for the operating theatres.


Our mobile waste treatment solutions offer hospitals instant plug-and-play capability. Where time is of the essence, and savings in design and construction can be significant drivers.